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From: Food Consumer
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Agent Orange Dioxin Raises Cancer Risk in Vietnam Veterans

David Liu

[17-04-2005]   A study found that the Vietnam Air Force veterans who did not spray Agent Orange were still at an elevated risk of cancer, which was associated with the serum levels of TCDD a dioxin from Agent Orange.

The study analyzed 1,500 Air Force veterans who served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, but did not spray Agent Orange or other herbicides.

The study was to examine the effect of a low dose exposure of TCDD on the cancer risk. TCDD is the highly toxic dioxin contaminant of Agent Orange. TCDD may promote the development of cancer even at very low levels of exposure.

The study found that those who did not spray Agent Orange still had significant blood levels of TCDD. Veterans with blood TCDD higher than the median raised their cancer risk by 60 percent. The risk was mostly linked to digestive and respiratory cancers and melanoma the deadly skin cancer. The cancer risk of other cancers can not be excluded.

The length of service in Southern Asian is also associated with the cancer risk. It was found that veterans who served longer than the median raised their prostate cancer risk by more than 100 percent, compared to those who served a short time.

There is also some association between the serving duration and the blood levels of TCDD. The longer they served, the higher the TCDD levels in the veterans blood. The cancer risk is highest among those who served more than two years in Southern Asian and had TCDD levels above the median.

A recent study already found an elevated cancer risk -prostate and melanoma among Air Force veterans who sprayed Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. That same study also suggested a possible increase in cancer risk among those who did not spray Agent Orange.

The current study supported the findings of increased cancer rates among veterans with higher TCDD levels even though they did not spray Agent Orange.

The study was conducted by a group of U.S. Air Force and other researchers. The results were reported in the April Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, official publication of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). #

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